About Jackson Morgan

About Jackson Morgan

American made and carefully curated, Jackson Morgan was born out of a need for a craft whiskey cream. Playful southern flavors including salted caramel, orange whip, and brown cinnamon sugar create a fun flair that has been missing from traditional whiskey creams. Can be sipped neat or shaken into a vintage cocktail. Best served chilled.

It all started in 1921 when Alfred Wetherington, the great grandfather of siblings Jackson and Morgan had a whiskey still in eastern North Carolina. He later decided to become a preacher and left the whiskey life behind. Almost a 100 years later, Jackson and Morgan are picking up where he left off with a new twist on the family recipe.


Jackson Morgan Founders


Spirits of Tennessee co-founder Mike Wetherington spent ten years in the food and beverage industry executing new product roll outs from development to production to marketing. This experience serves him well as the chairman of the board for American Development Corporation (ADC). ADC specializes in the treatment of water and wastewater throughout the southern United States.

Wetherington’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to co-found Spirits of Tennessee where he also serves as the CFO. As an avid whiskey drinker, his true passion lies within creating quality products that others will enjoy with family and friends.

Mike has a BSBA from East Carolina University along with MBA from Florida Institute of Technology.


Ray Steelman, co-founder of Spirits of Tennessee has over 35 years of experience practicing his skill as a producer of worldwide brands, private label development, sales, product development, purchasing and contract bottling. His resume includes thriving Fortune 100 companies, such as Brown-Forman/Jack Daniels, Anheuser-Busch, Kroger Group, Heaven Hill Distilleries, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits of Florida, Spec’s Wine, Spirits, Finer Foods of Texas, and numerous others across the country and abroad.

Steelman’s experience led him to serve as the COO/President of Spirits of Tennessee, LLC whose portfolio includes the popular liqueur, Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. Ray desired a product to call his own produced with the highest standards to achieve the best taste for whiskey drinkers. When not working Ray enjoys golfing, hunting, fishing, and working on his third generation family farm in Moore County, Tennessee.

Ray has a bachelor’s degree in supervision and human resources from University of Tennessee, Knoxville.