Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Purchasing

    • Where can I purchase Jackson Morgan Southern Cream?

      We have a list of stores available on our locator tab, input your zip code and it will tell you the store closest to you. We recommend calling ahead to ensure your desired flavor and size are in stock.

    • Can I purchase online?

      Due to liquor laws, we are not allowed to sell online. However, we have several third party online retailers that ship to most states. Those are listed at the top of our locator page.

    • How do I get Jackson Morgan available in my area?

      Jackson Morgan is available in most states, you can request for your local liquor store to carry our creams.

  • Information

    • How long is the shelf life for Jackson Morgan?

      Jackson Morgan Southern Cream has a two year shelf life. We recommend keeping Jackson Morgan away from extended periods of direct sunlight for maximum shelf life.

    • Does Jackson Morgan need to be refrigerated after opening?

      Jackson Morgan does not have to be refrigerated after opening, but taste best chilled or over ice.

    • How many calories are in a serving size of Jackson Morgan?

      There are approximately 125 calories per serving size (1 1/2 ounce) serving.

  • Allergies

    • Is Jackson Morgan gluten free?

      Jackson Morgan is not gluten free. *

    • Is your product dairy free?

      Jackson Morgan contains real dairy cream. *

      Please note Jackson Morgan is not qualified to give medical advice and you should consult with your doctor before consuming our creams if you have a food allergy.