Peaches + Cream Mint Julep



1 1/2 oz Jackson Morgan Peaches and Cream
1 oz of your favorite bourbon whiskey
8 mint leaves, muddled
lots of cracked or crushed ice
mint sprig, garnish
peach slices, optional

Pre-chill a julep cup. Gently muddle mint leaves in cup. Fill half way with cracked ice (being sure to drain of surface water, aka excess water on the ice from heating, don’t want to dilute it too much.)

Add Peaches + Cream whiskey cream & whiskey and stir until the glass begins to frost. Top with more cracked ice (you want a lot here to keep it nice and chilled.) Top with large mint sprig to get a face full of minty aroma! Add peach slices if available. 

Photography and Recipe by

Ashley Rose Conway of Craft and Cocktails