Travel Gear Necessities

Our team has been traveling a lot lately, which has made us realize the importance of travel gear. After an unfortunate incident of losing a wheel on my luggage right before my plane took off last year, I now spend the extra money for higher quality luggage. 

I love to be organized when traveling and want all my inflight items to be easily accessible. This Mark and Graham backpack is a game changer. I can fit my laptop and everything I need for a flight including a few mini bottles of Jackson Morgan.

After dealing with the unglamorous parts of flying, a mini bottle of Jackson Morgan in salted caramel added to a cup of coffee is a welcomed treat. I keep a few bottles on me too just in case I need to make friends with neighbors on a tight flight. You can find our mini bottles at most liquor stores that carry Jackson Morgan. Check out our locator for a store near you

Another favorite, is this tech envelope. It organizes all your cords, passports, tickets, etc. I use it as a clutch when I get to my destination so I do not have to pack an extra purse. A leather luggage tag is a small luxury that can be very helpful in the case of lost luggage. 

What travel gear do you love? Shop this post below.