10 Questions with Malia of Lettermade

One of my favorite brands that I have loved since the beginning of Jackson Morgan is Lettermade. The owner of Lettermade, Malia, designs the most gorgeous linen cocktail napkins that I cherish for hosting. It was such a treat to do a little Q&A with her. 

ONE// Tell us a little about yourself and your company. I started Lettermade in 2014 while working in development for a school in town…I’d come home and embroider just about every day! I’ve always loved linens and keepsakes and my grandmother really appreciated well-made, beautiful linens- she was one of the biggest reasons I started Lettermade! Over the past four and a half years, we’ve been honored to collaborate on collections with brands like Gray Malin, Draper James, and Rifle Paper Co., furthering our mission to couple homespun embroidery with contemporary design. 

TWO// What is the best lesson you have learned since starting Lettermade? Patience! Starting a business is a rollercoaster of ups and downs at times and a constant learning curve. Good things take time, so patience (with myself and with developing the brand!) has been one of the biggest lessons.

THREE// How do you stay creative in your business? Working with brands like Jackson Morgan Cream! I love collaborating with other brands and bloggers; this helps create new content, brainstorm with other entrepreneurs about new ideas, and keep things fresh!

FOUR// What is the best part of your work day? When I get notes from customers saying how much they enjoy their linens or how special it makes them feel to have something meaningful on their wedding day or for their family and friends during the holidays. Lettermade has been a labor of love; when it comes to our brand nothing makes me happier than to know that we’ve made something that is meaningful to the customer and brings joy to their day!

FIVE// Do you have a favorite linen napkin design at the moment? One of my best friends always says “not my circus, not my monkeys!” - it’s the best reminder at times!

SIX// Do you have any tips for hosting a dinner party? Great background music always helps sets the tone for a fun dinner party and doing any prep work ahead of guests arriving so you’re not stuck in the kitchen instead of having cocktails with your friends!

SEVEN// What is your favorite meal to whip together last minute for guests? Lasagna cups as an appetizer (or meal!); they’re amazing, always a hit, and look pretty on a tray! (hereis the recipe!) My other go-to is my mother-in-law’s classic chicken casserole…Everyone loves a good casserole! 

EIGHT// Do you have a go to hostess gift? Embroidered cocktail napkins! :) If I’m bringing monogrammed cocktail napkins to a party, the Elise style (here) is one of my favorite styles to gift; traditional blue and white or a soft neutral monogram are my go-to’s if I’m not too familiar with the hostess’s style.

NINE// Favorite cocktail? Gin & Tonic with cucumber

TEN// What is your favorite Jackson Morgan flavor? The Banana Pudding Cream is absolutely delicious!!