Christmas Brunch Bar Cart

Did you catch our Christmas brunch from earlier this week? To keep the spirits going, we are sharing our bar cart from the brunch Christmas party.

I had the food on the table as a buffet style and needed an area for guests to make their drinks for the party. On the bar cart, I had a hot chocolate station complete with festive toppings. I used a red hot water kettle to keep the hot chocolate warm and easy for serving. A three tiered tray kept all the garnishes organized. I used our red coffee mugs and mini Santa coffee mugs for displaying the extra toppings.

Jackson Morgan peppermint mocha was on the bottom of the bar cart for a spiked hot chocolate option. I like to give my guests the opportunity to make their own cocktails and customize with unique garnishes. Another great reason for using a bar cart is you can roll it next to the tree for drink refills when opening presents.

Christmas Hot Chocolate Toppings

  • Mini Marshmallows

  • Mini Gingerbread Houses

  • Peppermint Bark

  • Peppermint Spoons

  • Peppermint Cookies

All images Christy Wilson Photography, you can shop this post below.

Peppermint Mocha Cocktail

We are excited the holiday season is here and it is officially peppermint mocha season. This peppermint mocha cocktail is easy to make and tastes like Christmas in a cup! The perfect addition to Christmas parties and with the coffee liqueur, it is tasty for Christmas morning too.

Peppermint Mocha Cocktail


1 1/2 oz Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in Peppermint Mocha 

1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur 

1/2 oz Vodka 

Splash of Heavy Cream 

Candy Canes (Optional) 

Chocolate Frosting (Optional) 


To make this festive cocktail, rim a glass with chocolate frosting and press crushed candy canes into the frosting. In a cocktail shaker, add Jackson Morgan peppermint mocha, coffee liqueur, vodka, and a splash of heavy cream with ice. Shake until well combined. Stain over fresh ice into the rimmed glass. Garnish with a candy cane.


Mint Milkshake

Last week, we shared our St. Patrick's Day bar cart. This week we are sharing an easy boozy St. Patrick's Day milkshake. This crazy mint milkshake is fun to serve for a party. You could create a toppings bar with rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, mini cupcakes, and green candies. The frosting rimmed glass takes only a few minutes to create and adds a festive flair to any event. 

St. Patrick's Day Mint Milkshake


2 oz Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in peppermint mocha

4 scoops Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 

A few drops Green Food Coloring 

Vanilla Frosting 

Lucky Charms Cereal 


In a blender, add Jackson Morgan peppermint mocha cream, four scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and a few drops of green food coloring (optional). Blend the mixture in a high powered blender. If needed, add more ice cream or Jackson Morgan depending on your desired consistency. Top with whipped cream. 

For frosting rimmed glass, use vanilla frosting to ice the rim of the glass. Press cereal into the frosting. Serve your milkshake in the festive glass. 

All Photography Christy Wilson


Peppermint Mocha White Russian

We love to sip on our peppermint mocha cream this time of year. This cocktail could not be easier to make and can be fancy by adding a peppermint stick or crushed peppermint rim. 

Peppermint Mocha White Russian Cocktail


2 oz Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in peppermint mocha 

1 oz Vodka


In a cocktail shaker combine peppermint mocha cream and vodka. Shake well. Strain over fresh ice. 


Coffee Peppermint Mocha Cocktail

What is not to love about peppermint mocha and coffee. This is one of my all time favorite recipes and could not be easier to make. 

Coffee Peppermint Mocha Cocktail


4 oz Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in peppermint mocha 

Coffee (cooled) 

Ice Cube Tray


The night before you want to make this cocktail pour cooled coffee in an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. I like to have a tray ready to go in the freezer for cocktails in a pinch. Once the ice cubes are frozen, place a few coffee ice cubes in a glass. Then pour our peppermint mocha cream on top. Enjoy. 


Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope your days is full of love and perhaps a cocktail (or two). 


Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate

Jackson Morgan's Peppermint Mocha is tasty in coffee, but especially delicious in hot chocolate. This would be a fun cocktail to make for Valentine's Day too! 


Hot Chocolate 

1 1/2 Ounces Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, peppermint mocha 

Whipped Cream (Garnish)

Peppermint Stick (Garnish)


Pour your favorite hot chocolate into a warmed mug. Then add Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in peppermint mocha and stir.

Garnish with whipped cream and a peppermint stick.


Please Sip Responsibility


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 


Holiday Giveaway

It is our favorite time of year, Jackson Morgan's Christmas giveaway is here!

We included several limited edition Jackson Morgan company store items such as our long sleeve red t-shirt, red stripe koozie, and bar towel. Festive favorites such as Ashley Brooke Design's "busy busy busy" mug and Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate are part of the giveaway.

 To enter please see details below. 


Hostess Gift Guide

William-Sonoma Peppermint Bark | Ashley Brooke Designs Holiday Mug | Bon Aprontit Peppermint Apron | Nest Candle | Kate Spade Cooler | Society Social Bar Cart | Mark and Graham Plaid Napkins | Kate Spade Cocktail Shaker 

Hostess gifts are always a favorite of mine to gift and I usually keep a few gifts on hand for last minute parties. I discovered these pretty aprons from Bon Aprontit and love the idea of a festive apron that is almost as fancy as a cocktail dress. Nest candles and peppermint bark are usually a crowd favorite, along with fun coffee mugs such as this one from Ashley Brooke Designs. Of course, a bottle of Jackson Morgan is always a fun gift for any holiday. 




Gaylord Hotels Jolly Mint Cocktail

 This holiday season stop by Gaylord Hotels to try a sip of the Jolly Mint cocktail made with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream peppermint mocha at On The Blocks – the exclusive bar inside the ICE! attraction. Check out Gaylord Hotels video with details on how to make this festive cocktail.


Holiday Hot Chocolate

The perfect hot cocktail for trimming your tree. This spiked hot chocolate is a crowd pleaser. 


Hot Chocolate 

1 1/2 Ounces Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, peppermint mocha

Whipped Cream for Garnish (Optional) 


To make this festive cocktail, add Jackson Morgan peppermint mocha to hot chocolate in a mug. Then garnish with whipped cream (optional). 


Valentine's Day Brunch

Jackson Morgan Southern Cream hosted a Valentine's Day brunch for the holiday. Our coffee/ hot chocolate bar was shared earlier. Today, we have the full event for you! For our brunch, we had Jackson Morgan spiked treats, festive flowers, goodie bags, and of course cocktails. We have the details below so you can host your own Valentine's Day brunch this weekend. P.S. You can win several of the items we used for our brunch (the Draper James table runner, Jackson Morgan coffee mug, and more) buy entering our Valentine's Day giveaway


Table: The color scheme was red, blush, and a touch of black. We filled apothecary jars with coffee beans. This not only looked pretty, but smelled amazing. Different heights of cake platters and plates made the table more interesting. 

Flowers- We filled Jackson Morgan coffee mugs with the cutest mini arrangements to keep with the brunch theme. 

Menu- Brunch classics were served but with a twist. We had s'mores pancakes, cinnamon rolls, strawberries on a stick, doughnuts, quiche, and croissants. For the pancakes and cinnamon rolls, the batter was spiked with Jackson Morgan. 

Cocktails: Jackson Morgan peppermint mocha white russians and blue mules were served along with our coffee and hot chocolate bar

DIY favors- Our signature Jackson Morgan coffee mugs filled with chocolate hearts, a peppermint mocha cocktail recipe, and a whimsical gift tag. 

How are you planning on spending Valentine's Day? We hope it is with Jackson Morgan. 



Peppermint Mocha Milkshakes


  • 4 oz Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, Peppermint Mocha
  • 2 oz espresso liqueur (such as Kahlua or Grind)

  • 3/4 cup good quality chocolate ice cream

  • 3/4 cup good quality coffee ice cream


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender. 

2. Pour and serve cocktail in milk bottles (as pictured) or in fountain glasses with whipped cream and cherries.


Cocktail and images via Good Drink Home

Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee


  • 5 Ounces Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, peppermint mocha

  • A Handful of Coffee Ice Cubes


Coffee Ice Cubes

1. Make a batch of hot coffee and allow to cool to room temperature or use iced coffee concentrate according to directions on the package. 

2. Freeze the coffee in ice cube trays overnight or until frozen. 

Iced Coffee Cocktail

1. Place the frozen coffee ice cubes in a chilled glass. 

2. Pour Jackson Morgan peppermint mocha over the ice cubes. The coffee ice cubes will melt over time. 


White Peppermint Russian


·     2 Parts Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, peppermint mocha

·     1 Part Vodka

·     Crushed Peppermints for Garnish (optional)


1. Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Pour over Ice.

2. Garnish by rimming glass with crushed peppermints (optional).  



Spiked Peppermint Hot Chocolate


·      5 Tablespoons William-Sonoma Hot Chocolate Mix 

·      1 Cup Milk 

·      1 1/2 Ounces Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, Peppermint Mocha


1.    Heat the milk in a small saucepan until it bubbles. Mix in the hot chocolate mix and allow to melt while stirring occasionally. 

2.    Pour the mixture in a coffee mug and add in the Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. Cheers! 

*Makes 4 cups of hot chocolate