DIY Spring Centerpiece

Did you catch our Spring orange brunch on The Sip earlier this week? The centerpiece for this party is an easy DIY that adds a lot of personality to your table. All you need are a few supplies from your local craft store and oranges.


Oranges with Leaves (smaller mandarin or clementine oranges work the best)

Extra Orange Leaves

Styrofoam Cone

Styrofoam Discs


Straight Pins



Step 1// Gather your supplies. Start with your desired vase you want to use for your centerpiece. I found this blue and white vase at a local interior design shop. Purchase a styrofoam cone and discs that fit into the vase. I took my vase with me to the craft store to ensure a perfect fit.

Step 2// Place styrofoam discs inside the vase. Place toothpicks in the discs then top with the styrofoam cone and make sure it is sturdy since the oranges will add extra weight. You could also use hot glue to keep the discs and cone together.

Step 3// Beginning at the bottom of the cone use toothpicks at an angle to place oranges around the styrofoam cone. I staggered the oranges to try to cover the majority of the styrofoam. Poke one end of the toothpick into the styrofoam cone, then the other into the orange. Make sure the oranges all face the same direction and are similar sizes.

Step 4// Go back and ensure there are no large holes showing where you could add another orange and move oranges around until you have your desired look. Then using straight pins, pin the extra orange leaves in the empty places on the cone where the oranges do not cover the styrofoam.


DIY Spooky Bottles

I love a good DIY, especially when it takes less than five minutes. When gifting a bottle of liquor during the Halloween season, why not dress it up? Wouldn't this be a fun gift to receive as a hostess gift. It also looks spooky on a bar cart.

As you may have noticed from my Halloween bar cart post, I got creative when with our Jackson Morgan bottles. I found these fun 3D bat stickers in the Target dollar bin. I put them on our whipped orange bottle for a fun DIY. 

I also found these adorable witch hats. The first is from our friends at Ivy Wreath and the other is from Swoozies. I placed the hats on the top of the bottles, so when you receive it as gift you get a costume and a bottle of Jackson Morgan. 

So easy and fun! 



DIY Flower Vase

Today on The Sip, we are sharing an easy DIY project. Our Jackson Morgan signature coffee mugsare not just for coffee, but can be used for a fun vase. With the first week of spring finally here, we have flowers in our office to celebrate.

To add a little Jackson Morgan to your next party simply cut your flower arrangement to the size of the coffee mug and add water and flowers. It is so simple! Cheers. 

Valentine's Day Brunch

Jackson Morgan Southern Cream hosted a Valentine's Day brunch for the holiday. Our coffee/ hot chocolate bar was shared earlier. Today, we have the full event for you! For our brunch, we had Jackson Morgan spiked treats, festive flowers, goodie bags, and of course cocktails. We have the details below so you can host your own Valentine's Day brunch this weekend. P.S. You can win several of the items we used for our brunch (the Draper James table runner, Jackson Morgan coffee mug, and more) buy entering our Valentine's Day giveaway


Table: The color scheme was red, blush, and a touch of black. We filled apothecary jars with coffee beans. This not only looked pretty, but smelled amazing. Different heights of cake platters and plates made the table more interesting. 

Flowers- We filled Jackson Morgan coffee mugs with the cutest mini arrangements to keep with the brunch theme. 

Menu- Brunch classics were served but with a twist. We had s'mores pancakes, cinnamon rolls, strawberries on a stick, doughnuts, quiche, and croissants. For the pancakes and cinnamon rolls, the batter was spiked with Jackson Morgan. 

Cocktails: Jackson Morgan peppermint mocha white russians and blue mules were served along with our coffee and hot chocolate bar

DIY favors- Our signature Jackson Morgan coffee mugs filled with chocolate hearts, a peppermint mocha cocktail recipe, and a whimsical gift tag. 

How are you planning on spending Valentine's Day? We hope it is with Jackson Morgan.